Monday, March 26, 2007

WAC debuts new all-arts blog

The Wyoming Arts Council now has a new blog for arts news and events in the state. It's called "Wyoming Arts" and you can find it here. I've been posting to that blog since March 1 as a test, and now it's up and running. Please send your e-mail announcements to Mike Shay and I'll do my best to get it on the blog in a timely manner. Assisting me is Linda Coatney, whose come to the WAC as a writer and editor for the blog and our new print newsletter, due to debut this summer. Some of you may know Linda from Casper where she was editor of the college literary magazine and also served on the literary conference planning committee. She's finishing up her degree at UW and now is living in Cheyenne.

What about wyolitmail? It will be on hold for now. My new assignment as grand poobah for all WAC arts disciplines makes "Wyoming Arts" a higher priority that wyolitmail. I encourage writers and poets to e-mail to me their blog and/or web site links. The new blog's sidebar features links to the state's arts organizations, writers, artists, performers, and folk artists. We want to add your link to the list.


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